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Project: Era RedWood Residency
Location: Sec-78, Faridabad
Property: Apartment
Plan: 2BHK-3BHK
Size: 1200-1545 Sq.Ft
Price: INR 35 Lacs Onwards

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  • Q1. What documents are required while buying commercial or residential property?
  • Q2. What is Stamp Duty and who is liable to pay the Stamp Duty, the buyer or the seller?
  • Q3. What is meant by the market value of the property and is Stamp Duty payable on the market value of the property or on consideration as stated in the agreement?
  • Q4 Are there any formalities to be completed or forms to be filled on execution of the Sales Deed or document of transfer?
  • Q5. What are the permission and papers that one should check with the builder when buying a flat in a building which is under construction?
  • Q6. Who is the appropriate authority for knowing the market value of the property?
  • Q7. Within what time period should an agreement/deed have to be registered?
  • Q8. What constitutes completion of the sale?
  • Q9. What is meant by leasehold and freehold properties?
  • Q10. What formalities need to be completed by foreign citizens of Indian origin for purchasing residential immovable property in India under the general permission?